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“We must recognize that this place where we increasingly live, quaintly termed cyberspace, isn’t defined by ones and zeros, but by information and the people behind it.”

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Cybersecurity starts with good network defense,
but that’s hardly where it ends.



Intelligence Practices and Capacity Building

We specialize in building teams and programs that can respond to today’s cyber and information threats. In 2017, we worked with agencies and officials in the Swedish, Kosovar, and Serbian governments to further their respective programs and security objectives. In 2018, we’re engaged with several European governments to implement cybersecurity strategies, develop institutional capacity and information sharing practices, advise on security operations centers and intelligence methodologies, and more. We frequently work with the US Agency for International Development and US Department of State and multiple private sector partners to complement their strategic security initiatives. Our network of leading international cybersecurity professionals and intelligence analysts gives us the ability to take on projects that span multiple security disciplines—from network defense to finished analytic products and white papers.

One Move Ahead—Speaking, Briefing

Laura speaks frequently about how states wield power in cyberspace. Drawing on a decade of experience analyzing cyber threats at the Department of Defense and later at cybersecurity companies, Mandiant and FireEye, Laura breaks down the whirlwind of cybersecurity developments and vividly explains the dynamics of cyber threats. Her audiences range from heads of government to rural church congregations, manufacturing consortiums to international journalists—and just about every vertical, geography and age group in between. She is an energetic speaker who seeks to make the dynamics of cyberspace accessible and leave her audiences with a renewed sense of agency and purpose.

Laura Galante

Founder, Galante Strategies • Senior Fellow, Atlantic Council

Laura Galante

Recognized as a leading authority on cyber threats, information operations, and intelligence analysis, Laura founded Galante Strategies in 2017 to equip governments and corporations to respond effectively to cyber and information threats. Recent work has included: developing an operational cybersecurity framework for the Ukrainian government; briefing the US experience combating advanced cyber threats to the Italian government, financial sector and trade associations; and raising national awareness of cybersecurity issues in Kosovo and Serbia.

A Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council’s Cyber Statecraft Initiative, Laura previously served as the Director of Global Intelligence at the cybersecurity company, FireEye Inc. (formerly Mandiant). Her work included exposing nation state and criminal cyber operations, developing intelligence capabilities and offerings, and directing publications including: APT28: A Window into Russia’s State Cyber Espionage; Red Line Drawn: China Recalculates its Use of Cyber Espionage; and Hacking the Street? FIN4 Likely Playing the Market, among others. Prior to her work in the tech sector, Laura led a team analyzing cyber capability and military doctrine contracted at the U.S. Department of Defense. She took part in the 2010 U.S.-Russia bilateral information security talks.

Laura has testified before the UN Security Council and regularly comments in global and industry media, including the BBC, CNN, NBC, NPR, Bloomberg, PBS, The New York Times, Le Monde, The Financial Times, Der Spiegel, The Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal. She frequently serves as a keynote speaker and gave a TED talk at TED2017.

Laura holds a B.A. in Foreign Affairs and Italian from the University of Virginia and a J.D. from the Catholic University of America. She serves on the boards of Safeguard Cyber, a Charlottesville-based digital protection company, and the Northern Virginia 4-H Center in Front Royal, VA. She lives on a farm in rural Virginia with her husband and son.



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