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We must recognize that this place where we increasingly live, quaintly termed cyberspace, isn’t defined by ones and zeros, but by information and the people behind it.

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Cyber attacks, disinformation, and electoral interference increasingly threaten democracies, businesses, and personal freedoms.

Let us prepare you for what's to come.



Intelligence Capability

We specialize in building programs and teams that can respond to today’s cyber and information threats. Our recent work includes designing a cyber and information response framework for a Ukrainian government agency, improving information sharing practices for multiple European governments, and improving sourcing, collection, analysis and dissemination practices for corporate and government intelligence teams. Our network of leading international cybersecurity professionals and intelligence analysts enables us to tackle projects that span multiple security disciplines — from complex data analysis to finished intelligence products and executive briefings.

Wargames and Analyst Training

We offer workshops and simulations focused on countering cyber attacks, threat intelligence analysis, cyber threat attribution, and countering disinformation campaigns. We specialize in recruiting, training, and directing top intelligence analysis teams in the public and private sectors. We lead with the fundamentals of analysis and use today’s threat and information landscape to hone your team’s skills and practices. We’ve worked with teams at US companies, government agencies, and universities in Italy, Ukraine, Sweden, Kosovo, Spain and Singapore.

Election Interference Monitoring

Elections are major targets for disinformation attacks and other efforts designed to undermine public confidence and democratic processes. We help campaigns and public officials identify and address complex threats. In 2019, our team took part in the development and implementation of Ukraine Elects — the first election task force that combined analysis of cyber, disinformation, and kinetic attacks.

Countering Disinformation

We take a holistic approach to tracking and mitigating the threats posed by disinformation and influence operations. By assembling one of the early private sector teams focused on modern information operations, we bring a depth of research experience, a trusted expert network in multiple targeted countries, and experience with the latest data mining and analysis tools.

Board Advisement, Expert Testimony, Media Commentary

We advise boards and business councils who seek a deeper understanding of the cybersecurity and business risks they face. We also work closely with law firms and insurance carriers to create realistic assessments and policies for their clients. Laura currently serves on the board of advisors of cybersecurity innovator and startup, Safeguard Cyber. Laura has testified before the UN Security Council and regularly comments in global and industry media.

Crisis and Rapid Response

Organizations and public figures have brief windows of time to react to a crisis--whether it's a cybersecurity breach or a disinformation campaign targeting your organization. We're experienced in attributing and exposing cyber attacks and sensitive data breaches, mitigating risk in the midst of state conflicts and regime changes, counteracting online adversaries and trolls, and organically building public support and awareness. We’ve designed and directed highly effective communication strategies, media programs, and public advocacy campaigns ranging from elections in Virginia to public-private partnerships in Zimbabwe.



Speaking Engagements

Laura breaks down the whirlwind of cybersecurity developments and vividly explains the dynamics of state cyber and disinformation threats. She draws from her experience analyzing cyber threats at the Department of Defense, leading intelligence units at Mandiant and FireEye, and recent engagements for multiple governments dealing with a post-2016 threat environment. Her audiences range from heads of government to rural church congregations, industry conferences to international journalists—and just about every vertical and geography in between.

Laura’s 2017 TED Talk has been viewed over 2.5 million times and has been translated into 16 languages. She is an energetic speaker who seeks to make the dynamics of cyberspace and disinformation accessible and leave her audiences with a renewed sense of agency and purpose.


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About Us

Our team combines a wealth of experience in cyber intelligence, strategic communications, disinformation analysis, political campaigns, and digital design honed over decades of work around the world. Our diverse clients include governments, corporations, and NGOs. From the boardrooms of Fortune 500 companies, to leading intelligence teams, to the front lines of elections: we help you prepare for and respond to dynamic threats and navigate today's complex information and geopolitical environment.

Laura Galante

Laura Galante

Recognized as a leading authority on state cyber operations, Laura founded Galante Strategies in 2017 to equip governments and corporations to respond effectively to cyber and information threats. Her recent work includes directing analysis for the Ukrainian Election Task Force, developing a security framework for the Ukrainian government, and serving as an expert witness for cyber warfare claims.


A Senior Fellow in the Atlantic Council’s Eurasia Center, Laura previously served as the Director of Global Intelligence at cybersecurity company, FireEye Inc. (formerly Mandiant). Her teams exposed Russian and Chinese military operations and authored numerous public intelligence reports. Prior to FireEye, she led a team analyzing state cyber capabilities for the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency.

Laura has testified before the UN Security Council and regularly comments in global and industry media. She speaks frequently about the future of state conflict and security, and has given a TED talk at TED2017.

Laura holds a B.A. from the University of Virginia and a J.D. from the Catholic University of America. She serves on the board of advisors of Safeguard Cyber and the board of the Northern Virginia 4-H Center. She speaks English, Italian, Spanish, and Bulgarian, and is a term member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Tim Vickery

Tim Vickery

Tim is a seasoned communication strategist and governance expert who has worked in over 40 countries. He specializes in stakeholder and media engagement, participatory governance, public-private dialogue, anti-corruption and transparency initiatives, program design and policy advocacy for governments, business, civil society groups and international donors.


For 25 years, Tim has worked at the nexus of development, policy advocacy and journalism. He designs and directs highly effective communication and engagement strategies, media programs, and influencing campaigns. He is also an internationally renowned facilitator. As a strategic advisor to the highest levels of the public and private sectors and former Ukraine Bureau Chief for a top international news agency, Tim brings valuable insights to both the demand and the supply side of governance.

He was among the first advisors selected by the U.K. Government’s Stabilisation Unit— a joint program of DFID, the Ministry of Defence and the Foreign Office — as a Deployable Civilian Expert for state-building initiatives to help countries recover from violent conflict. The World Bank profiled a project that Tim lead as a Case Study in best practices, published in two books.

Tim holds a MSc in Journalism from Columbia University and a B.A. with honors in International Relations from Claremont McKenna College. He speaks English, Swedish, French and Russian.

Maksym Eristavi

Maksym Eristavi

Makysm is an Eastern European journalist, writer, human rights advocate, and bridge-builder.

Maksym has used storytelling to become the most prominent English-speaking journalist and public speaker from Eastern Europe. He highlights the intersections between disinformation, human rights and foreign policy as a research fellow with the Atlantic Council and political advisor at the European Parliament.


He works on the frontlines and runs various civil society startups: from the biggest queer pride in the region to Free Press for Eastern Europe, the largest network of independent journalists in Eurasia. His work and bridge-building have included help to parliaments and the foreign ministries of the UK and Sweden, testimony at US Senate hearings and the EU Parliament. Maksym has been featured by NowThis, Emmy-winning TV-show Gaycation by VICE, Voice of America, BILD among others. Maksym speaks Russian and English.


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We seek partners who see security as the defense of personal freedoms, intellectual property, and privacy.

Galante Strategies suspended operations in 2022. Laura is serving as the Deputy Cyber Executive and Deputy National Intelligence Manager for Cyber in the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.